I can’t believe it’s almost 4 o’clock. (Pacific time.) Well, it’s a good thing I decided this morning to share a quick peek inside the first book of my novel series that will be available this fall. The series is called AUTUMN MOON and it’s about the life of Qiuxia (choo sha) Knight. Book one starts when 14 year old Qiuxia is preparing for an audition that can set the tone for the rest of her life, but tragedy strikes stifling her ability to dream. Anyway, here’s a little something something to give you a side view into my imagination. 😀

Just blogging it out (but not really. LOL)  . . .Oh and HAPPY FRIDAY!


AUTUMN MOON (unedited)-Somewhere in the beginning of Book 1. 😀

Fourteen.  The second year of the teen phase of my life and I look like a boy.  Mirrors don’t lie.  The only difference between my current self and my preteen self are these long twigs otherwise known as my legs.  I’m supposed to be happy with how God made me.  At least that’s what Melanie, the youth counselor, told us at the last meeting.  It’s easy for her to say, she’s nineteen, petite, and beautiful; practically perfect.  Quincy and I could pass for identical twins if it weren’t for my hair.  That is of course if I hadn’t grown two inches overnight.  It’s like my body decided to only grow legs or something.  Dear God, will you please switch the growth to the areas above my thighs? 

I never even thought about my figure until this afternoon when I stood face to face with puberty.  It all happened at the mall where I ran into some of my friends at the food court.  The same kids that graduated with me a month ago.  Well, technically they’re all Quincy’s friends and mine by association.  Instead of tagging along with daddy and the boys on their normal testosterone hunt for sporting gear, a stroll around the mall seemed like a more exciting venture.  Nerves settled on my skin like prickly goosebumps when I noticed the group.  Would they accept me without Quincy?  Maybe this year I will make friends separate from Quincy for a change.   I was welcomed by the group with no hesitation.  I chimed right into their conversation about summer vacation plans and our rapidly approaching first year of high school.

Things were going better than anticipated.  The only thing left to do was to order French fries, a mall food must.  After placing my order for fries, I waited patiently glancing around at the activity in the mall.  That’s when, Ethan Connors, Neanderthal and class clown, walked up to me and asked me to jump up and down.  Without hesitation I granted his request never giving any thought as to why.  I’m such a dork.  Dorkism, a syndrome in which you are naïve enough to fall for things that will humiliate you for life.  His piercing maniacal laugh echoed through the food court like a siren warning spectators of a recent disaster.  I can’t believe I fell for that one.  The need to bolt escalated to urgency as he pointed at my chest and then loudly made remarks about the overly flat surface.  Specifically, there was no movement during the jumping exercise.  My legs stiffened seemingly fused to the floor.  Mortification at its finest.

The lady behind the counter looked at me pathetically as she handed me the greasy bag of French fries.  “Honey, they always act like that when they like you.”

Adults have the strangest perspective.  My lungs compressed pushing out the remaining air through my lips slowly as I walked back to the table.  The once appetizing aroma from the French fries was now nauseating.  Things were now clear.  The veil was lifted from my eyes, at least that’s what it felt like.  The girl’s bodies had changed.  It was like they all went through some kind of speedy metamorphosis in their torsos in just one month while my body decided to grow taller.  Were they thinking the same thing as Ethan?  The desire to leave was hard to resist, but there was no way the galactically stupid, Ethan Connors, would get the satisfaction of knowing that he humiliated me.   Dear God, please get me out of this mess.  And there he was.  My big brother, Quinton.  Thank you, Lord.  Relieved when he called my name, I glanced around observing the spectators faces as he approached our table.

“Time to go, baby sis.  Pop and Quincy are outside waiting for us.  What’s up everybody?”  Comfort.  I needed comfort.  My arms tangled around one of his arms proudly.  Introductions were made quickly; everyone except for Ethan giving Quinton an opportunity to ask about him and he did.  I wanted to humiliate Ethan.  The look on his face was that of surprise, his eyes were glued to his shoes, and not a peep from his big fat mouth.  Surely he wouldn’t have thought about making fun of me had he known my family was at the mall.  The ball was in my court and nothing would’ve satisfied me more than to see Quinton pummel Ethan into the ground, but that would’ve given him some significance in my life.  Daddy always tells us to ignore foolishness.  After the brief introduction, we walked away quickly while the others giggled.  Were they laughing at Ethan, me, or both?  That’s the last time I go in at it alone.  For now anyway.

We discussed what happened on the way to the car.  Without effort Quinton knew exactly what to say to make me feel better.  “Baby sis, you’re a brilliant dancer.  Your body is different than most girls your age, yeah, but it’s exactly how it should be.  You’re gorgeous just the way you are.  Stay focused on God, baby sis.  Keep your eyes on the prize.”

Dear God, Why is it so easy to be effected by the negative things people say even after being told the most positive things by someone that really loves you?




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