Psalm 4:8 In peace I will lie down and sleep, for you alone, O Lord, will keep me safe.


Just blogging it out . . . OH and Happy Tuesday Night!!

God’s Creativity

I’ve been fascinated by the moon for as long as I can remember.  Tonight’s rare Strawberry Moon brought out the super geek in me.  😀 I hope you got a chance to see it.  If you didn’t, don’t fret.  We’ll see another one in 2062.  LOL

strawberry moon

God’s creativity is my motivation tonight.  I was blessed with a new story idea that will be a stage play next year.  I can’t wait to see how the story will unfold.  I don’t have much to write about.  Today was a tough day, but I will continue to stay focused on the Lord no matter what.  Anyway, that’s all for tonight.

Just blogging it out . . . Oh and Happy Monday Night!! 😀


Happy Father’s Day!

I mentioned yesterday that I spent most of my life without a father.  By the grace of God, I turned out pretty well if I say so myself. LOL ;D  However, I know for a fact that every little girl needs her daddy. If you’re a man and have been blessed to have children . . . a little girl, love her so she knows how she should be treated by other men.  Respected! Protected! Loved! Important! Intelligent! Beautiful! Like a lady.  Teach her to never settle for less even if society tells her otherwise. You are her greatest example. Enjoy your weekend. I hope you get more than a tie. 😀

fathers-day43 gif


Just blogging it out . . . Oh and Happy Friday Night!! 😀

Oh Yeah, Father’s Day

You know, I never really celebrated Father’s Day. In fact, if it weren’t for people saying happy Father’s Day to the men at church (Since it falls on a Sunday every year.) I would probably forget all about it.  That may seem a bit insensitive at first, but give me a minute to explain. 😀

I spent most of my life without a father. I have some good memories of him like his delicious Sunday morning pancakes or those peanut brittle candy bar thingamajigs he used to bring home from the city. (That’s Chicago. LOL) Oh, and he used to love roasting peanuts. LOL Man, did he love peanuts. 😀  Unfortunately, most of my memories are not so good.  I’m sure he did his very best, but he was mentally ill.  He committed suicide when I was seven years old. I promise this isn’t a sad post. The Lord blessed our family to move on with what we had, a strong woman who raised four children.

What’s my point?  I wrote a little about my father to let you in on a little secret about Book 1 of my AUTUMN MOON series which will be available in October. 😉 PLUG!

Pastor Knight is the father of the protagonist, Qiuxia (choo sha) Knight. He’s a long way from being perfect, but overall he’s great.  As I was creating that character, I thought about the person my father would’ve been had he not suffered from a mental illness. Pastor Knight is my father . . . sort of.  LOL  He’s a strong, protective man who values family above everything except God. No one would ever suspect the emotional pain he’s hiding.

“I’m a pastor and people don’t expect me to be sad, angry, unforgiving, or have a desire to kill.” 

Just blogging it out . . . Oh and Happy Thursday Night!! 😀


It’s that time again . . . GOAL SETTING TIME! 😀  I’ve decided on a few . . .3 to be exact.  Since June is almost over and there are only 192 days until Christmas, I figured now is a great time to challenge myself again. Here are my goals:

The first one is a short term goal I started on Monday. I will be going to hot yoga/Bikram at least five days a week for a month. A little history:  I used to go to hot yoga on a regular basis.  Unfortunately, I experienced an injury (not from yoga) that caused me to have to take a break. Also the studio is very far from my house.  In other words . . . TRAFFIC! LOL  Now that I’m all better and there’s a closer studio, it’s back to my favorite workout.

The second one is to complete book 3 of the AUTUMN MOON series by the end of July.  I signed up for another writer’s camp. It’s starts on July 1st. I’m working on book 2 which will be complete by the end of this month.

The last one is a year long challenge. One that will push me harder than the first two combined. I will not buy any clothes, shoes, or other accessories for a year starting on July 13th. Why July 13th?  Because that’s one day after my birthday. 😀 Enough said. LOL


Just blogging it out . . .Oh and Happy Wednesday Night!! 😀

The Good Kind of Tired

tom and jerry stay awake.gif

Have you ever been so sleepy you can hardly keep your eyes open, but you don’t want to go to sleep because you’re having such a good time?  That’s me practically every night because I’m doing what I absolutely love (writing) and doing it for Him who absolutely loves me.  That’s THE GOOD KIND of TIRED.  LOL  The only bible verse I can think of right now (probably because I feel like Tom in this GIF :D) is Ephesians 6:7 Work with enthusiasm, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people. 

When it’s all about Him, it ALWAYS worth it!

Just blogging it out . . . Oh and Happy Tuesday Night!! 😀


I made a few mistakes this past month.  I’m talking DOOZIES! LOL 😀  The kind of mistakes that make you want to kick yourself.

kick yourself LOL

If you’re the type of person who wants to know what kind of mistakes, they were mostly bad decision. (Nosy. LOL Just kidding.)

This morning as I found myself in a bit of a funk, Lamentations 3:22-23 crushed the enemy’s plan to ruin my entire day: 22The faithful love of the Lord never ends! His mercies never cease. 23 Great is his faithfulness; his mercies begin afresh each morning.

The word of God will always crush the enemy’s plan, but it’s up to us to study and saturate our minds with it daily. CRUSHABILITY!! 😀

CRUSHABILITY! Crushed so much that the feet curled up. LOL

I’ve been listening to songs like: “We Fall Down”, “Great is Your Mercy”, “Our Father”, “No Greater Love”, etc.  I don’t know about you, but listening to songs about our beautiful savior always makes me feel better. No matter how many times we fall down, He is there to pick us up. All we have to do is recognize, repent, and redirect our focus back to the Father.

Well, that’s it for tonight. I will move forward with Jesus no matter what. Here’s the link to the song I’m listening to now. It’s old school Fred Hammond-“You Are the Living Word”

Just blogging it out . . .Oh and Happy Monday Night!! 😀