us-blogWe all make mistakes, right? We can either blame our mistakes on others OR take responsibility for our actions; learn from our mistakes; laugh at ourselves until we pee a little (Just trying to get your attention. 😀 ); and blog about them.

Blogging It Out is an up close and personal look inside the life of a bona fide introverted author/playwright of Contemporary Christian Fiction who literally makes a bunch of mistakes daily. My life includes my wonderful husband, Antoine Cook, and our German shepherd, Scout. We are Midwesterners who have taken up residence in Southern California. We’ve been married for almost 19 years and are loving our time that God has blessed us to have together. We love movies, hiking, and just spending quality time together.  Antoine and I host a Christian internet radio show called Love Hard & On Purpose which airs every Thursday @ 8p on KCWG THE TRUTH. (http://www.kcwgthetruth.com/index.php/shows/love-hard-on-purpose.html) We talk about things that you may be thinking, but are afraid to say.

So many topics seem to be taboo among Christians such as sex, family issues, addiction, adultery, etc. Not talking about them doesn’t make them nonexistent, so we like to delve into those topics head on. You can expect thought provoking posts mixed with a lot of humor, mostly my life mistakes, with an occasional picture. My prayer is that I make you LOL and encourage you to keep moving forward while focusing on the Lord no matter what life brings. And that you will lean on God for strength and be UNSHAKABLE! Psalm 16:6 I keep my eyes always on the Lord. With him at my right hand, I will not be shaken.

Please visit me at: http://www.tanyamsaldana.com for more information about my books, plays, and events.

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  1. Tanya thank you and your Husband for the prayers and the love you two shows I believe god is going to have me walk again with friends and family like you and your husband god got me thanks again…❤️❤️❤️


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